"Through safety precautions, perseverance and fiscal responsibilities, our staff, coaches and student-athletes are doing everything we can to face this crisis head on. We need you now more than ever. We need your help, educational and competitive experiences are at risk and lives are being impacted. The Together We Rise Campaign will mitigate these challenges."

John David Wicker, Director of Athletics

During these challenging times, we look to you, Aztec Nation, as we continue to navigate these unchartered territories. Your loyalty and participation in the Together We Rise Campaign will help to offset the SDSU Athletics budget shortfall due to the postponement of the Fall 2020 season. Your support this year and next will help us sustain our competitive and academic excellence at the top of the Mountain West Conference and nationwide.

Your continued support of SDSU Athletics will help the Aztecs emerge from this stronger and ready to launch onto the national stage. Our top priority remains to provide the best possible educational experience for our 550+ student-athletes, allowing them to keep their competitive edge in the classroom and competition.


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Your Impact

A priority for our athletics department is for our student-athletes to obtain their degree. That pursuit hasn't stopped, it won't stop. Classes are still in session, tutors are still teaching, strength coaches are still training, coaches are still influencing and our student-athletes will impact the future of this community forever.

The Together We Rise Campaign will help us to continue to provide an exceptional educational experience for these student-athletes.

"Aztec Nation has allowed me as well as many athletes to pursue their goals and to continue playing sports at a higher level. I am grateful for our donors and fanbase, and without them, I wouldn't be able to play the sport I fell in love with as a kid."

Serena Hodson

Redshirt Sophomore, Advertising & Communication

Mission Viejo, CA

Hannah Broadland

"Aztec Club members have a huge impact on San Diego State student-athletes. Their donations and generosity are what make SDSU the prestigious university that it is. I am proud to pursue my education and play the sport I love because of the scholarship I'm fortunate to have."

Jordan Schakel

Senior, Marketing

Torrance, CA

"Without our fans and donors I wouldn't have the chance to do what I love most every day. I wouldn't have made the unforgettable memories I did in the past 3 years. I wouldn't have met my best friends. I wouldn't have gotten the network that I have now. It's incredibly inspiring to know that we have supporters who want to do everything they can to help us improve and be the best we can be on the field and in the classroom."

Julia Sheehan

Junior, Business Marketing

Baltimore, MD

"Being an Aztec student-athlete means to be a part of something bigger than myself, to be a part of a family!"

Nnena Nadozie

Junior, Liberal Studies

Los Angeles, CA

"Aztec nation means a ton to us, I believe we have some of the best supporters in the nation, GO AZTECS!"

Dominic Gudino

Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies

Chula Vista, CA

"The support from Aztec Nation is astounding and the work that everyone puts in to create success for not just me, but my team is exceptional and overwhelming. Our donors have a huge impact on scholarships and opportunities that we as a team have been very fortunate to experience."

Elli Ferrin

Junior, Interior Design

Bend, OR

"Being a student-athlete to me means, being an overall leader on and off the field. Someone who leads by example, and strives for success in everything they do."

Taylor Adams

Junior, Interdisciplinary Studies

Mill, WA

Hannah Broadland

"Aztec Nation, our donors, and our fanbase are entirely the reason why I am able to be a Division I rower at my dream school. They provide all of us student-athletes with the support and resources we need to be high-performance athletes, and for that I am forever grateful."

Hannah Broadland

Senior, Journalism Media Studies

Sacramento, CA

Hannah Broadland

"Without Aztec Nation, our donors and our fans this opportunity to study and play at a collegiate level could have never been offered. I'm so very grateful for the people that made this possible for me and I show that by putting my best foot forward in everything I do here at State."

Chloe Frisch

Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies

Solana Beach, CA

Together We Rise

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