Coryell Legacy Society

Planned Giving and Endowments

Named after legendary Head Coach, Don Coryell, the Coryell Legacy Society recognizes all donors who have created an endowment, contributed $25,000 or more to an existing endowment, or have remembered SDSU Athletics in their estate plans.

Planned Gifts and Endowments help to ensure the future success and growth of SDSU Athletics.

Members of the Coryell Legacy Society are invited to an exclusive event each year to connect and engage with the student-athletes they support.

The Power of an Endowed Gift

An endowment gift to SDSU Athletics today provides a brighter picture for our future. When you make a donation to our endowment, you give a gift with both immediate and long-term benefits. Endowments may be established and named with a gift of at least $50,000.

Endowment donations are invested. A portion of the annual income from the investment is used to support scholarship and operational needs. The remaining funds are reinvested to ensure indefinite support.

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Don Coryell

Fisher Basketball Endowment

No one has made a more profound impact on SDSU Athletics than former Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Steve Fisher. The Fisher Basketball Endowment was established to generate ongoing support for Aztec Basketball to compete at elite levels.

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Leave a Legacy

A gift in your will or estate plans to support SDSU Athletics is a wonderful way to build a legacy. This future gift is an extension of your current commitment and support – one that will ensure a secure and brighter future for generations of Aztec student-athletes to come.

We will work with you to find a charitable plan that lets you provide for your family and support SDSU Athletics.

  • Maintain control of your asset during life
  • Make a gift to charity at your death
You designate SDSU as the beneficiary of your asset by will, trust or other instrument.
  • Estate tax charitable deduction
  • Life use and ownership of your property
Life Insurance
  • Insurance policy no longer needed for its original use

  • Receive charitable income tax deduction without giving cash
  • You designate SDSU as the beneficiary of your policy

  • Designate SDSU as owner of your life insurance policy
  • Estate tax charitable deduction policy

  • Current charitable income tax deduction with tax savings for up to six years
Retirement Accounts and IRA Charitable Rollovers
  • Receive fixed income for life
  • Receive the benefit of tax savings from a charitable deduction

  • Pay Fewer Taxes
  • Reduce or Eliminate Required Minimum Distribution
  • You designate SDSU as the beneficiary of your IRA

  • Contact your IRA administrator to request a transfer from your IRA directly to SDSU
  • Continue to take withdrawals from your IRA during your life and then leave the remaining value to SDSU

  • Bypass income tax liability from required minimum distribution
Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) (minimum age 55) and Deferred Gift Annuity
  • Receive fixed income for life
  • Avoid capital gains tax on the sale of your appreciated property
  • Enjoy the benefit of tax savings from a charitable deduction
You transfer your cash or appreciated property to SDSU in exchange for our promise to pay you fixed income (with rates based on your age) for the rest of your life.
  • Charitable tax deduction
  • Fixed income for life
  • Partial bypass of capital gain
  • Possible tax-free payments
Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)
  • Transfer your appreciated property without paying capital gains tax
  • Enjoy regular income for life or a term of years
  • Receive the benefit of tax savings from a charitable deduction
You transfer your cash or appreciated property to fund a charitable trust. The trust sells your property tax-free and provides you with income for life or a term of years.
  • Charitable tax deduction
  • Income for life or a term of years
  • Possible income growth over time
  • Avoidance of capital gains tax
Charitable Lead Trust (CLT)
  • Give cash or property to your family in the future
  • Avoid substantial gift or estate tax
You transfer your cash or property to fund a lead trust that makes a gift to us for a number of years. You receive a charitable deduction for the gift. Your family receives the remainder at substantial tax savings.
  • Gift or estate tax deduction
  • Asset and appreciation passes to family at a reduced cost
Donor Advised Funds
  • Establish a fund that allows you to give annually
  • Recommend how the funds should be distributed
Contact us for an application form. You may fund your account with a gift of cash, securities, real estate or other asset.
  • Donor Advised Funds generally qualify for a full fair market value charitable deduction

Recognizing Your Gift - Gift Confirmation

Gift Confirmation Form

To learn more about establishing an endowment or including SDSU Athletics in your estate plans, please call (619) 594-6444 or email us today.

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